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When someone spent millions building a dream home that ended up being labeled the “Ugliest House in America”-How did it happen? Read Emperor’s New Clothes.

What are the most common problems in a house that your best friend would never tell you about? Read Building Issues.

I paid a million for an eight thousand square foot house. My agent told me it was a luxury home. Is it really? Read What Is A Luxury Home?

My friend told me I simply must live in her neighborhood because it was the place to be. How much am I paying for the prestige, the land and the actual house? Read   Cost.

Can you spot an up-and-coming neighborhood with undervalued properties? If not, read How to Spot a Winner?

If I have the money, my whole house will be automated and heated by the earth. Is this a good or bad idea? Read Absolute Best.

Why is a four car garage too small for this household? Read The Art of Acquisition.

Who can I talk to about cities, homes, neighborhoods, real-estate, lifestyle, luxury, construction and in general, life itself? Write   Po Ku.

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