Below you will find nineteen sections which provide a comprehensive view of how we put together a custom-built luxury home construction project, from choosing a street in a neighborhood for your home to how to buy a glass vase for your study – always looking ahead for future trends and mindful of what came before us for the preservation of prestige and creation of heritage.

MARBLE Timeless and Alluring ….. FOREST GLEN White Stone & White Interiors ….. ART DECO for an avid collector ….. MEMPHIS Postmodernism Making a Comeback ….. MONEY MATTERS Construction Cost & How to Scrimp ….. ABSOLUTE BEST of What Go into Your Home ….. LUXURY HOMES Defined ….. PROJECTS Body of Work ….. CANNY Way To Win .….. SOURCES What Inspire Us ….. EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES What Not to Build ….. BUILDING ISSUES in Luxury Home Building ….. MID CENTURY MODERN 50s & 60s Styles ….. WHITE STYLE Simple Sophistication ….. MAY STREET NeoClassic Gem ….. FORECAST Styles to Come ….. ART OF ACQUISITION Collect Objects of Value ….. DETAILS Neat things We’ve Designed ….. ABOUT Po Ku – Data, Info & Bio

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